Carpet Tiles

Quick and easy installation without adhesive

No adhesive means TacTiles™ are the most environmentally-friendly – and flexible – way to install InterfaceFLOR commercial flooring products.

Less installation time helps you complete the job sooner

Installation time is hugely cut down, with less equipment needed to complete the job – TacTiles™ simply slot into place. And with improved indoor air quality, employees can breathe easy.

Flooring simply ‘rolls up’ when you want to remove!

Because no glue is involved, there’s no damage to the floor beneath. So when the time comes for to change the carpet tiles, they’re easy to lift off and recycle.

In a nutshell:

Size: Clear 75mm x 75mm polyester squares with coloured print
Made of: Tile: PET Polyester ( the same as plastic bottles)
- Graphlex®: synthetic rubber
- GlasBac®: acrylic

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